Industrial project coordination services

InstMan Oy offers industrial project coordination services that are customised in accordance with the client’s needs and resources. Thanks to our experienced personnel, we have the capacity to conduct both minor and major modification projects.

In project management, we see to it that the entire project is carried out free from problems, being also responsible for supervising the installations involved. We can also purchase services from other companies as necessary, and perform the supervision of these jobs accordingly.

Our coordination services include, for example:

  • Quality assurance
  • Installation supervision
  • Material acquisitions
  • Project site management

Our policy is to make things as easy as possible for our clients. Apart from our own resources, project coordination often includes steering the client’s functions and operations, plus those of a potential third party, so as to achieve the defined objectives in terms of scheduling, project scope and quality.

The company’s expertise comprehensively covers various industries, from the mining and process industries to environmental technology.

If you wish, you may delegate your project management to us, in its entirety. This means that the project supervision duties and the entire project management will be planned in cooperation with you – in accordance with your company’s needs and requirements!

Please contact our experts for details and further discussions.

Mikko Lähteelä
CEO, Technical Director
Tel. +358 40 1657 222

Tommi Pakarinen
Project Manager
tel. +358 40 901 0029