Expert Services

Expert services for various industries

Our industrial expert services include quality assurance and work planning for PED pipework, for example. Our services match any size of project.

QAC Manager Mika Hemminki is an InstMan Oy team member specialising in the supervision of welding quality and related inspections. Our team also includes several welding consultants who have acquired the IWS competence.

Mika Hemminki is a qualified project manager with a radiation certificate, and has previously worked, for example, as an installation supervisor for the Loviisa nuclear power plant’s pressure vessels. In addition, he has acquired the PT Level II, MT Level II, and UT Level II certificates.

NDT inspections and NDT test services

We also offer NDT inspections and NDT test services for industrial needs, so as to be able to guarantee the high quality of our equipment deliveries and installations, including their operation and maintenance. These inspection and test services are used to verify that the correct materials have been used for the project object, and that the applied materials can withstand even the most extreme conditions as required.

The welding quality, for example, can be checked by non-destructive (NDT) testing based on x-ray imaging or ultrasonic testing. This enables the detection of quality deviations and faults arising from long-term operation or ageing, and provides detailed information for maintenance plans and for prioritising the maintenance procedures.

On the other hand, mechanical testing or hardness measurements, that is destructive testing (DT), can be used to verify the object’s strength and durability. Among other things, this indicates the point in time when the object is prone to failure.

Our policy is to make things as easy as possible for our clients. If you wish, you may delegate your quality assurance and project management duties to us, in their entirety.

We take into account all your inspection and quality supervision needs in a competitive, safe, affordable and environmentally friendly fashion.

Please contact us for details and further discussions.

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CEO, Technical Director
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Project Manager
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