Welding services

Welding services and industrial welding contracts

InstMan Oy is a company with extensive experience in providing a variety of welding services, including welding contracts with companies operating in various industries. Our long-term experience, from industrial pipework installations, for example, safeguards our preparedness for a project completed successfully on schedule.

The expertise of our professional welders guarantees that the installation work is completed with success, even in large-scale projects.

The company’s expertise comprehensively covers the various industries, from the mining and process industries to environmental technology. If necessary, we can provide the client with an all-encompassing service palette, from project design to the final start-up. Our competent supervisors will ensure that the project is conducted without problems, regardless of the installation type – from equipment and steel structures to pipework installations.

We provide you with flexible high-quality services for project implementation in all competence areas.

Our QAC Manager Mika Hemminki and his team of IWS-qualified welding consultants are responsible for welding quality supervision and the related inspections.

Among others, we perform the following jobs:

  • Industrial pipework installations
  • Industrial machine and equipment installations
  • Tank welding jobs

Professional welding services

The welding equipment we use is state-of-the-art and well-maintained. Thanks to our comprehensive equipment base, we have the capacity to handle most welding methods and materials. An essential part of our quality policy consists of safety together with fulfilling the authorities’ requirements under all circumstances.

Our welders have acquired their competence in accordance with the SFS-EN ISO 9606-1 and (287-1) standards. Certified competence and meticulous testing help us ensure an excellent final result.

Industrial maintenance services

In addition to our welding and installation services, we perform industrial maintenance duties on a comprehensive basis. Concluding a maintenance agreement with us will boost the client’s production capacity and release their capital for other purposes. All maintenance procedures are conducted in accordance with the maintenance programme agreed upon with the client.

Our welding expertise also benefits the clients in conjunction with their upkeep and maintenance routines. Our experienced welders make sure that the potential maintenance shut-downs are for the minimum duration.

We take into account all the needs and requirements of our clients – in a competitive, safe, affordable and environmentally friendly fashion.

We provide you with flexible high-quality welding and industrial maintenance services!

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Mikko Lähteelä
CEO, Technical Director
Tel. +358 40 1657 222

Tommi Pakarinen
Project Manager
tel. +358 40 901 0029